Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Indian actress Mehjabi Siddiqui quits showbiz for religion

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan departed the film industry in 2020 to’serve humanity and obey the orders’ of her Creator.

When she retired from the entertainment profession, she began wearing a headscarf. An ex-Bigg Boss contender has now decided to follow in her footsteps.

Mehjabi Siddiqui, a contestant on Salman Khan’s reality programme, said she has decided to ‘follow the Creator’ and will always wear a hijab. “I’ve been upset for 2 years, so I’m writing. I had no idea how to feel better. When a person sins, the shame of sin fades away quickly, but the wrong deed remains until death.”

“I realised that I was living the world’s life, ignoring my own,” she wrote in her note.

“Disobedience to Allah gives no human rest. How much time and effort you put into pleasing others will never be appreciated. It is preferable to persuade Allah. This will benefit us both “she said.

Mehjabin also included Sana Khan in her remark. “I followed Sana Khan for a year. I used to enjoy her speech and seeing her videos rekindled my interest in religious programming “writes.

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