Friday, December 2, 2022

Kim Kardashian never miss the chance to appreciate her kids

Kim Kardashian recently appeared for Vogue’s new video about the subjects of her adoration. Whereas, Kim Kardashian revealed a number of things about her kids, including North West’s painting abilities. After showcasing North’s artwork at her Calabasas home, Kim also said that she’s a very amazing artist.

While North has treated for COVID-19, Kim showed off a number of her own artwork. There was an artwork in the video that depicted a young woman with two buns on top of her head and large fangs in place of her teeth.

For as long as she spoke about her daughter, Kim couldn’t stop praising her artistry and her passion of painting. Kardashian went on to say more, “I enjoy getting a glimpse inside her thoughts, emotions and experiences. As a hobby, it’s a great one for her”

Moreover, Kim Kardashian displayed the baby albums she made for all four of her kids. She was showing off their intricate details and imaginative compositions, which included images and personal notes.

It’s clear to see how much she adores them in her own house and on social media. The reality star has known to frequently post pictures of them all together. Kim and North recently shared a sweet selfie in which they were seen snuggling.

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