Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Kim Kardashian ‘unfollowed’ Kanye West over recent Pete Davidson’s insult

Kim Kardashian unfollowed Kanye West on Instagram over his attacks against her and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The inventor of Skims and rapper appear to have severed their digital links.

According to sources, the “Saturday Night Live” actor has insulted on Twitter by West. The 44 years old stated he wasn’t trying to harass Davidson and was merely looking for payback in a follow-up post. West wrote, “this guy believed he could get away with doing this comedy for the crew that developed this for him. This is not harassment, this is my retaliation.”

Kim Kardashian has unfollowed Kanye West and also not commented on his posts. She filed for divorce from West a year ago. If Davidson joins, it’s an audacious move since West’s first step was to follow him.

However, the KKW Beauty CEO begged West to halt the cyberbullying out of worry for Davidson’s safety. Kardashian allegedly texted to the performer, “U are creating an unsafe and terrifying situation and someone will injure Pete and this will all be your responsibility.”

Meanwhile, when Davidson originally quit using the social media site because he believed it was a evil place. Davidson’s Instagram now only includes his fiancée Kim and actor Sebastian Stan as followers.

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