Monday, October 3, 2022

People prefer my show over Nadia Khan’s Show says Shaista Lodhi

According to Shaista Lodhi, Nadia Khan is the “queen of morning shows,” but the majority of people prefer my show.

Shaista Lodhi recently appeared on “Jashan Cricket” on a private channel. Shaista Lodhi remarked that presenting a morning programme pays more than plastic surgery. On his brother Sahir Lodhi, she remarked that she does not emulate Shah Rukh Khan.

Shaista Lodhi claimed that while Nadia Khan is the queen of morning shows, my PTV show is preferred.

Shaista Lodhi says Sharmila Farooqi should resolve her feud with Nadia Khan. But Nadia Khan isn’t completely blameless.

Shaista Lodhi, on seeing a more honest politician than Imran Khan? Shaista said she had seen more honest politicians than Imran Khan, but she did not name any. Shaista Lodhi said Nawaz Sharif was inferior to Imran Khan.

Many politicians, along with actors and actresses, come for injections to whiten their skin. She believed Mahira Khan deserved one too.

If offered a film with Humayun Saeed, would Shaista accept? She answered no since she did not want to work in cinema. Shaista Lodhi called Aamir Liaquat’s new videos “sweet”.

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