Sunday, October 2, 2022

Working with Fawad Khan taught Alia Bhatt

Working with Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan was a pleasure for Bollywood starlet Alia Bhatt. Alia Bhatt is in Berlin to promote her new film “Gangu Bai Kathia Wari”. Her picture will premiere at the 72nd Berlin Film Festival.

In an interview with DW Urdu in Berlin, Alia Bhatt stated she chose to make her film because the story of Gangu Bai’s life was unique. She wished to collaborate with a seasoned director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali as well.

For Alia Bhatt, working with Pakistani superstars Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar was a pleasure. She said she spent more time with Fawad Khan than Ali Zafar, thus she knew him better.

Regarding Fawad Khan’s artistic and cultural impact on movies, Alia Bhatt stated words fail her. Working with Fawad Khan was a great learning experience for me as an artist.

Music, acting, culture, and art have no bounds for Alia Bhatt. We like heartfelt messages.

I have seen your support since the beginning of my career, Alia Bhatt wrote to her Pakistani followers. My father Mahesh Bhatt informed me you had many fans in Pakistan. So I am always appreciative for Pakistanis’ love.

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