Friday, December 9, 2022

The price of petrol has increased by Rs 12 per litre

The government increased the price of petrol by Rs12.3 paise per litre, resulting in the price of petrol reaching Rs159.86 paise per litre after the hike.

Fuel prices have been increased by Rs. 12 three paise per litre for the next two weeks by the federal government, which has once again rained fuel bombs on the people of the country.

According to a notification from the Ministry of Finance, new petroleum product pricing will be effective as of midnight on February 28 and will remain in effect until the end of the month of March.

Petrol prices have increased by Rs 12.03 per litre, high speed diesel prices have climbed by Rs 9.53 per litre, light diesel prices have increased by Rs 9.43 per litre, and kerosene prices have increased by Rs 10.08 per litre.

Fuel prices have climbed from Rs 147.82 per litre to Rs 159.86 per litre, high-speed diesel prices have increased from Rs 144.62 per litre to rupees 154.15 per litre, and light diesel prices have increased from rupees 114.54 to rupees 123.97 per litre, as a result of the latest surge. Arrived A similar rise has been made in the price of kerosene, which has been raised from Rs 116.48 per litre to Rs 126.56 per litre.

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s Office had received a summary of increases in the prices of petroleum products from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), which the Prime Minister had forwarded back to the agency for further assessment and consideration.

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