Sunday, October 2, 2022

My father kicked me out of the house without slippers, says Kiran Tabeir

Pakistani actress Kiran Tabeir has revealed in an interview that her father kicked her out of the house after seeing her on TV for the first time. Video clip of the actress is going viral on social media. She talked about her father’s reaction at the beginning of her career.

Kiran Tabeir said that she belongs to a Punjabi family. When she asked her father for permission to audition, he refused using harsh words for showbiz. However, she was the youngest of the siblings and was also stubborn. So, she got permission to audition.

The actress said that her father was sure that she will not select in auditions. That’s why he gave permission but a month later the call received for acting.

Kiran Tabeir added in interview that when her father first saw her on TV, he angrily asked, Have you worked on TV? After which he said, “From today you have died for me. Get out of my house.”

The actress added that her father then grabbed her by the arm and kicked her out of the house. She still remembers that the time was 9 PM and she kicked without slippers.

Furthermore, on the work front, she has casted in blockbuster drama series ‘Parizaad‘. She also worked in A-Plus’ controversial drama ‘Judwaa’ in which she had a role of ‘Fiza and Shiza‘.

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