Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lyari’s rapper Eva B became the popular young rap star of the Pakistan

Rapper Eva B (Evaab) constantly wears the niqab and it will not be wrong to say that none of her performances are without it. She made her unique style and became the popular young rap star of Pakistan.

Lyari has inhabited by the smell of bullets, explosions and gunpowder and violence, bullying and drug use were common there. The seeds of music have sown in this barren land by a few heads and this seed sprouted and now took the form of a tenacious tree.

The group’s soulmate, Eva B says, “Lyari has known not only for its bullying, but also for its footballers, artists and musicians. Unfortunately, violence has become our identity.”

Her brother had said that if she wanted to do rap music then she had to wear niqab. Now as a singer and musician niqab has become a part of her identity and personality.

Rapper Eva B made a splash with her art and became a popular young rap star in the country. She also performed at Coke Studio and her song has viewed more than 9 million times.

Moreover, she says that her Niqab is not an obstacle in the way of her talent.

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