Sunday, September 25, 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan insulting ‘future Queen’ Camilla Parker, says expert

A royal expert claims that the Prince Harry and Meghan’s silence over future Queen’s announcement is like they are insulting Camilla Parker. It has proved that both do not like Prince Charles’ wife as the new Britain’s Queen.

The Queen declared her desire for Camilla to refer to as Queen Consort upon Prince Charles’ accession to the throne. There had rumours that Charles intended for Camilla to be his Queen. Whereas, for years the royal family’s insiders were certain that she will adopt the title of Princess Consort instead.

On the heels of Camilla’s announcement, Charles paid homage to his inspiring mother in an emotional address. He acknowledged that he is fully aware of his mother’s desire for him.

According to reports, the Prince Harry and Meghan are insulting Camilla Parker. They have not conveyed any traditional congratulations or words of allegiance to their relatives. Moreover, Harry has always loathed Camilla and felt she was responsible for the breakup of his parents’ marriage.

According to expert, she may have found it impossible to imagine that Meghan will give up her freedom to serve silently as a team player loyal to the monarchy.

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