Monday, October 3, 2022

Prince Harry and his cousin Princess Eugenie attended the Super Bowl together

Prince Harry have photographed watching the Super Bowl with his cousin Princess Eugenie recently. The Duke of Sussex seems to be settling in well to his new life in the United States

It wasn’t long before 2020 that Harry and Meghan arrived in California to begin their new life in the United States. Prince Harry now calls Los Angeles home and it’s safe to assume that he’ll be rooting for the Rams. The fact that his outfit didn’t say anything to that effect.

He wore white T-shirt and black blazer rather than jersey to the occasion. As a preventative measure against COVID, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie looked to be using black masks the entire time. For the second time, Prince Charles has been found to have COVID-19 recently. Whereas, Eugenie wore her PPE with jeans, a baseball cap and a blazer.

However, Meghan Markle and Eugenie’s husband were nowhere seen at the Super Bowl on Sunday night. They might were taking care of the royal babies at home.

Furthermore, Eugenie took to Instagram to commemorate the special occasion of his baby’s birthday. In the caption, she said, “You are such a wonderful person that illuminates every room with your grin and wave. We are really proud of you. We wish our little hero Augie a very happy first birthday.”

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