Friday, September 30, 2022

PM Imran Khan: The world has no choice except engage with the Taliban

On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that there is now no alternative to the Taliban in Afghanistan and encouraged the United States (US) to reconsider its actions in order to end the humanitarian catastrophe there.

“There is no other alternative to the Taliban in Afghanistan, therefore the world has to interact with them for things to move ahead,” Prime Minister Khan stated in an exclusive interview with CNN.

PM Imran Khan stated that the world will have to recognize the Taliban sooner or later.

“Half of Afghanistan’s population is in a very precarious situation due to hunger, malnutrition, and food shortages,” he said, adding that the current scenario was already turning into one of the country’s biggest humanitarian catastrophes.

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“The danger is that Afghanistan might slip into chaos if they (the Taliban) are abandoned and sanctions remain in place, and the banking system has no money left because of the sanctions,” he said.
In response to a query, the Prime Minister stated that Pakistan already has three million Afghan refugees and that the country is unable to welcome them anymore.

In response to a question, the prime minister stated that the US war on terror has created terrorists.

“I can tell you from our experience in Pakistan, where we lost 80,000 people after joining the US fight on terror.”

“I’m certain it’s the same thing that happened in Afghanistan.” The US must reconsider its approach in light of these night raids and drone operations.”

He encouraged the United States to reconsider its drone strategy. “The United States’ strategy on drone attacks needs to be reconsidered.”

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