Friday, September 30, 2022

Actress Zendaya kept her options open at start of romance with Tom Holland

Actress Zendaya apparently felt the need to keep her options open at start of her romance with co-star Tom Holland. A person close to the couple confirmed the news. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s producers even assured fans that the relationship is not a publicity gimmick.

The insider made it obvious that Tom is all in and making his thoughts known loud and clear. However, Zendaya’s definite affection for the actor was not enough for her to commit her life’s energy and resources into an exclusive partnership.

Tom on the other hand hasn’t troubled by Zendaya’s brief relationship with her co-star in Euphoria, Jacob Elordi.

According to an insider, “Tom didn’t indicate that he has concerned but it frayed his nerves just as much. Zendaya has affected by how much care and romance of Tom Holland.”

The truth is that he will move in with her tomorrow but it’s probable that Zendaya may require some convincing. She will likely agree to a trial period of living together.

Furthermore, this news comes on the heels of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s multi-million pound property. They have purchased an expensive property in London together.

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