Monday, October 3, 2022

Prince Charles advised Prince Andrew to avoid public view during sexual assault case

According to reports, Prince Charles has virtually exiled his troubled brother Prince Andrew from Windsor Castle. This may lead to Duke of York and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson’s eviction from Royal Lodge.

In preparation for Andrew’s trial in New York City later this year, It has claimed that Charles and his wife Camilla are on the warpath. Charles’ brother deceived him when the Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre sex trafficking story initially came to light.

Prince Charles has reportedly frightened when Ms Giuffre filed a sex abuse writ against his brother Prince Andrew.

According to reports, Andrew reassured him that the claims were baseless. A 90-minute meeting with the Queen last month informed him that he will lose all of his royal privileges.

Sources allegedly said, “Charles doesn’t want Andrew in the photo or in the line of sight. Having Andrew smile and wave at the camera as he has driven to the castle every other day is not something Charles wants to see.”

Next month, the Duke of York will take the stand and answer questions in the ongoing legal battle. Andrew has scheduled to testify in the Giuffre case. However, he has the option of going to trial as a private individual or settling out of court.

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