Sunday, September 25, 2022

Prince William supportive of Queen Elizabeth’s wish for Camilla

Duke of Cambridge, Prince William reportedly supportive of Queen Elizabeth’s wish for Camilla Parker. During her Platinum Jubilee address, Queen said that Camilla should referre to as ‘Queen’.

Even though Camilla has legally entitled to the title of Queen upon Charles’ accession to the throne. She will recognise as Princess Consort instead of that title when they married in 2005.

“When my son Charles becomes king someday, I know you’ll support him and his wife Camilla in the same way. Camilla will known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service. It is my deepest desire,” the Queen stated in her statement to mark her 70th anniversary as monarch.

According to sources, Prince William looks supportive to Queen Elizabeth although he has not involved in making decisions about the message. Neither William nor Harry have made any public statements about the situation.

In addition to, Prince Charles sent a personal message to Queen. A Clarence House official said Prince Charles and Camilla have moved and humbled by Her Majesty’s comments.

He remarked, “I have supported by my loving wife throughout.” We have strived together to serve and assist Her Majesty and the people of our towns.”

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