Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chris Evans shared trailer of Disney’s upcoming animated film ‘Lightyear’

Chris Evans shared the newest trailer for animated film ‘Lightyear‘ on his social media accounts. The cast of the film introduced an artificially intelligent cat in the film’s latest teaser.

This film tells the genesis tale of Toy Story’s iconic character, Buzz Lightyear. The sci-fi cartoon film’s title character has voiced by Chris. That’s all I have to say about this.

The new teaser includes the voices of Keke Palmer, Dale Soules and Taika Waititi for Buzz’s fellow space rangers. It’s a joint effort by Peter Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, and John Lasseter. Moreover, Angus MacLane and Galyn Susman has direct the animated film ‘Lightyear’.

Chris had tweeted back in October, “Animated movies were a huge part of my youth. They were the means by which I was able to flee. My tales of dreams. They opened my eyes to the wonders of storytelling and performance for the first time.”

In 2022, the picture has expected to hit theatres on the 17th of June.

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