Tuesday, October 4, 2022

 Imran Khan claims Rs400 billion invested in national health card

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the choice to invest up to Rs400 billion in the national health card program had been a difficult one.

A ceremony to mark the launch of the Insaf Sehat Health Card program in Faisalabad featured remarks from Prime Minister Imran Khan, who said that in the past, medical treatment for chronic illnesses was reserved for wealthy individuals and that the government did not bear any responsibility for it.

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“The government hospitals left by the British deteriorated gradually while the super-rich who got the governments got their medical treatments in Dubai and London,” the PM took a glance at the leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party.

Sindh’s hospitals, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, are in “abysmal” condition. As a substitute for providing free medical care to the poor, Bilawal says he would invest in hospitals. It’s unclear what has prevented him from doing so for the last 13 years,” he remarked. Zardari has taken to the streets with his chequekbook in hand, ready to buy politicians.” “The looters, who used to be abusive to one another, have banded together.”

Premier said that Shehbaz Sharif’s personal accountant had received Rs400 billion in his account. “It was black money that was moved in the name of someone else. “When the state stands with the common man, the country will progress,” he asserted. Following the introduction of the health card, he stated that it is now necessary to ensure that no powerful person overrules the rights of the poor, adding that his government will ensure that women’s rights are protected.

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“Shehbaz speaks at the National Assembly in order to present his CV,” he explained.

When it comes to development activities, Prime Minister Imran Khan claims that his nominated Punjab Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar, has excelled Shehbaz Sharif. In his words, “Shehbaz’s developmental effort was promoted by means of commercials.”

The establishment of rule of law is Pakistan’s most significant challenge, according to PM Imran Khan.

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