Tuesday, October 4, 2022

LHC rejects call for presidential system as ‘unsustainable’

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday ruled that a petition seeking a referendum on the Presidential System of administration was unconstitutional and hence unenforceable.

Justice Jawad Hassan gave a six-page written judgment on the petition for a referendum on a change in the country’s political system filed by the petitioner.

As stated in the judgment, “the court could only provide an instruction in accordance with Article 199 of the constitution.”

It was stated in the court decision that “there is no party in this action to be directed.” “There has been no reference to any law in this instance in this regard.”

“The petitioner’s argument is in conflict with the fundamental structure of the Constitution,” the judgement stated further.

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“It was inquired of the petitioner as to how this claim could be sustained. According to the judgement, “how could a petition be heard if it is in conflict with the fundamental framework of the constitution?”

The petitioner has submitted a petition to the Cabinet Division, requesting that a reference be held for the presidential system under consideration. The petitioner had sought with the court to order the cabinet to take action on the situation, according to the judgement.

According to the decision, “the federal government used its power in accordance with federal regulations.”

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