Sunday, October 2, 2022

Once Lata Mangeshkar revealed that she was being given ‘slow poison’

Lata Mangeshkar had revealed in an interview that in 1963 someone had tried to kill her by giving slow poison. She became very ill in the 60s. It was very horrible phase of her life.

She stated, “It was the year 1963 and starting to feel very weak and could barely get out of bed. There was even a time when I couldn’t move. I was very sick for 3 months. One day I had a lot of pain in my stomach and I vomited. That was a horrible sight because I vomited green.”

The doctor came to her house and brought an X-ray machine with him because she could not move. The doctor did an X-ray of her stomach and said that Lata Mangeshkar was being given slow poison.

Furthermore, Lata added that after the revelation, her sister took over the kitchen and the employee left without pay. So we thought that someone had deliberately sent this employee to our house with a complete plan. We don’t know who was behind all this.

However, legendary Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar has passed away at the age of 92 and left her millions of fans in mourning.

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