Tuesday, October 4, 2022

It was very scary to work in 100-degree weather, says Zendaya

Spider Man: No Way Home actress Zendaya recalled her memorable filming for Euphoria season 2 in 100-degree weather. She has stealed fans’ hearts with her gorgeous performance in the show.

Actress recently appeared in an interview and talked about the ‘chase sequence’ for the popular programme in Los Angeles. It took place in 100-degree weather. The scenario will feature on the series’ episode airing on Sunday.

“To keep us completely secure and well-looked after, we have a first-rate stunt team at our disposal. In spite of the fact that they were all stunt drivers but it was very terrifying for us,” says Rue Bennett in the series.

Zendaya added, “At roughly 100-degree weather, they had to drive towards me and stop as I was running in the centre of the street. They had to just wait there for an agonising amount of time.”

However, the 25 years old star said that it was a great memory because she has surrounded by her whole cast and crew at the time. She was sprinting in the centre of the street with her team. Wheras, they were commiserating and sweating in the same place.

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