Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Twin sisters Fizza and Shiza shocked on their wedding nights

No need to concern if you’ve seen the names Fizza and Shiza on Twitter but have no idea who they are. In a clip from A-Plus TV’s 2020 drama ‘Judwaa‘, a bride panics and raises a fuss on her wedding night when she realises her husband is actually her brother-in-law.

When two brothers tie the knot with identical twins, they find themselves in the incorrect rooms on their wedding night. It was leading to hilarity on the internet.

Two twin sisters Fizza and Shiza married to two paternal brothers Faraz and Zain. Whereas, their aunt (phupho) has a daughter also who loves one of his cousin madly. So, aunt planned to change brides rooms to sabotage their wedding night. Moreover, she thought her daughter may have a chance at finding love with one of the brothers dramatically.

Anthology television series Haqeeqat features a variety of Pakistani family stories, and Judwaa is one of them. In each episode, a new ensemble of characters has introduced and the plot based on real-life events. Somebody out there has truly experienced this.

People on Twitter are having none of it with comments ranging from astonishment to cringe-inducing jokes. When we initially viewed the video, we have convinced that this was us all.

Some hilarious tweets are following:

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