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How to Check SIM on CNIC in Pakistan

Do you want to check SIM on CNIC? Here’s how to verify SIM on CNIC. Also, if you’re looking to learn how to check the status of your SIM, we’ve got you covered.

Dual SIM handsets are now widespread. So most people have two SIMs registered on their CNIC. Mobile phones became popular in the early twenties. Nowadays, everyone has a phone.

Illegal behaviours are common when people misuse technology. PTA introduced a SIM Information System. This makes it easy to find the SIM owner’s name.

PTA Sim Info Sys
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is the statutory organisation in charge of Pakistan’s telecommunications. PTA created the Information stem to curb unlawful sim card usage.

Sim Information System was created in 2009 to keep track of all sim card customers. Moreover, the SIM Information System reduced illegal SIM card duplication.

How to Check CNIC Sim
Do you know how to check a sim card on CNIC? If yes, we will explain how to check Sim on your CNIC. You may check a sim card by SMS or a website. Check your sim card’s status by following these procedures.

  1. Website
    Clicking on will take you to a screen where you may enter your CNIC number. No hyphens or spaces in the CNIC number. Now hit submit.

Before clicking submit, confirm that you are not a robot. Wait a while to find out how many sim cards your CNIC has registered.

  1. SMS
    You can also SMS your Sim to the CNIC. Just follow the steps below. Enter your CNIC number without spaces or hyphens in the messaging app. Message 668. Wait a moment, and you’ll get a verification message with all the facts regarding your CNIC’s Sim cards.


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has imposed a limit on the number of sim cards that can be registered per card. A CNIC can only register 5 sims at a time. To get new sims, you must first block one of your existing ones.

How to Check the Owner of the Sim Card

If you are unsure who owns the sim card and want to find out, follow these steps. Open your phone’s messaging app and send a blank message to 667. Wait a moment, and you will receive an SMS with the owner’s details.

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