Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Prince Andrew’s assets may will seize in his sexual assault case

An attorney says bailiffs may will seize assets from Prince Andrew‘s £30 million mansion if he fail to defend his sexual assault case. Virginia Giuffre filed a plea against Prince. She stated that she has forced to engage in sex with the him by his millionaire friend Epstein. She was just of 17 at that time

A person worked closely with the victims of Epstein’s crimes talked with the newspaper. He said, “In the event that a damages award has made and the defendant attempts to evade paying. Bank accounts, real estate and other types of property may be subject to seizure.”

Assuming Prince Andrew has awarded damages, he will entitle to post a bail in order to avoid the seizure of his assets. Moreover, if the appeal is successful, Prince would either have to pay the amount owing or risk losing his assets.

A financial judgement in favour of Virginia will allow her to take any of Andrew’s possessions if the case went to trial and she won. She can execute on Andrew’s properties in any other nation that accepts the jurisdiction of the United States.

However, Prince Andrew has rejected each and every one of the accusations in his sexual assault case.

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