Sunday, December 4, 2022

Can’t marry college love, now he’s my best friend says Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar, a well-known actress, has disclosed that she fell in love with a man while in college, who is still her best friend now.

“Jashn-e-Cricket,” a Geo News programme in which Ayesha Omar appeared as a guest and answered interesting questions in several segments, featured Ayesha Omar as a guest.

The actress was questioned about the public opinion in Pakistan, specifically regarding what percentage of Pakistanis believe that college love leads to marriage. Her response was 15 percent, which was deemed appropriate by the audience.

Later, Ayesha Omar acknowledged that I had also fallen in love in college, that my love was not one-sided and that the entire institution was aware of it, but that they were unable to marry since I was unwilling to marry at the time.

Ayesha claims that no one is aware of her existence; yet, she is currently a very dear friend of mine who is enjoying her married life, which I find to be quite rewarding.

The actress also stated that he is the most wonderful guy on the face of the planet and that if he looks at me, he would recognise that I am referring to him as such.

When asked what led to the breakup, Ayesha said that it was a collaborative choice between the two of them.

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