Friday, December 9, 2022

Dance moves of Alizeh Shah on Dilbar song went viral on internet

A video of dance moves of actress Alizeh Shah became went viral on the internet earlier this month. It has enough to enrage social media users, who responded in a variety of ways.

She posted the video while dancing to the popular song ‘Dilbar’ during a rehearsal. Whereas, she has almost 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

The public has recently expressed dissatisfaction with her sense of style and clothing choices. When she wore this dress to the Hum Style Awards, she received a great deal of negative feedback on the internet. Even her colleagues in the industry had their doubts about her choice of attire.

Moreover, she recently appeared in an interview and talked about her viral smoking video. She stated that, she was with her family while smoking in car. If her family has no issue on her act, then no one have any permission to assume anything about actress.

When the video of Alizeh Shah went viral, she has surprised to receive an item song offer. When she featured in a smoking video, many assumed she was ready to be an ad model.

However, she has famed for her excellent work in several dramas including ‘Ehd-E-Wafa’, ‘Ishq Tamasha’ and ‘Taana Baana’.

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