Monday, December 5, 2022

Iqra Aziz got angry over the ban on Yasir Hussain’s film ‘Javed Iqbal’

Actress Iqra Aziz got angry over ban on film ‘Javed Iqbal‘ based on serial killer’s life in Punjab. This film has based on the life of the infamous killer of 100 children. The untold story of a serial killer was to release on January 28. However, the Punjab government stopped the release just one day before.

Actor Yasir Hussain played the lead role of ‘Javed Iqbal’ in the film, while actress Ayesha Omar had played the role of a police inspector. Due to the ban on the film where Yasir Hussain had objected, his wife also expressed her feelings.

Iqra Aziz got angry and stated, “Why can’t we accept the fact that this really happened in the 90’s? Or just a comedy film or a love drama is a source of entertainment in Pakistan. Our viewers say show us something else but how to show friends?”

Meanwhile on January 27, the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) had issued an order not to release the film. The board will review the film for some controversial aspects. The final decision will made on its release later after completing inquiry.

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