Friday, December 9, 2022

Prices of 17 key goods rose, including ghee

Inflation decreased for the second week. However, the annual inflation rate stands at 18.62 percent. The poorest had a 20% inflation rate.

The prices of 17 main commodities rose in March, the BPS reported (FBS). Inflation was 20%.

Tomatoes rose Rs 18.53 per kg, or Rs 78.71, in a week. Prices of rice, masoor, and mung increased by Rs2.57 per kg.
8 major commodities decreased by 200 grammes, whereas mutton increased by 2.45, beef by 1.46, and a 20 kg bag of wheat increased by 2.51. This reduces the price of red chilies by Rs. 25.85. Onions fell 15 paisa, potatoes 70 paisa, and eggs 3 83 paisa. Dutzendes cut.

Sugar has dropped by Rs 1.5 per kg, and LPG has dropped by Rs 48.56 per kg. Prices of 26 commodities have recently stabilised. Weekly inflation fell 0.11 percent to 18.62 percent, while it was 20.24 percent for the poorest.

17 goods had price increases in a week, including tomatoes (18.53) and garlic (13.55).

8 commodities’ prices declined in a week, while 26 remained steady. Prices for fresh live chickens and eggs were cut by Rs 3.20 and Rs 3.83 respectively. Sugar has fallen by Rs 5 per kg.

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