Monday, October 3, 2022

Hollywood celebrities clapped back at interviewers on asking sexist questions

If you’re one of famous celebrities, you’ll have to deal with sexist questions in everyday conversation. Reporters frequently ask unflattering inquiries like “What are you wearing?” They may ask a question that appears to be sexist on the surface.

Many female celebrities have declined to answer these sexist questions from these reporters. A woman’s sexualization and lower standard is unfair since she has forced to answer questions about her personal life. Whereas, male celebrities have never asked about these things.

Famous singer Taylor Swift has asked if she and boyfriend Joe Alwyn will settle down in a May 2019 interview with Germany’s DPA. She promptly shut down the inquiry and said this is a rhetorical question to which I will not respond.

There may be some advantages to be the Black Widow in a world full of fools. Scarlett Johansson will have to deal with this. Interviewers probed her on a wide range of topics, from the undergarments she wore underneath the bodysuit to her diet in preparation for the shoot. Whereas, Johansson snorted, “What a silly question?”

A sexist question has also asked of Keira Knightley at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards in November but she swiftly shot it down. Journalists were curious as to how the author managed her work and home lives. “Are you going to ask that of all the men tonight?” she reprimanded him. The short answer is no, in case you were curious.

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