Sunday, October 2, 2022

Lady Gaga opened up about her kissing scene with Salma Hayek

Lady Gaga felt like ‘the irritating kid in school’ when she opened up about her kissing scene with Salma Hayek. It happened on the set of House of Gucci.

Gaga said, “Salma ppeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. She placed a bundle of catnip in her boots to persuade the cats to follow her. When we have surrounded by cats, I start making out with her. She claims to have had sex with a popular girl but can’t provide any proof is how I feel about myself.”

According to media, the singer admitted that the sequence, which has ultimately removed from the film was her idea. She had Salma’s permission before going forward with it. Lady Gaga was thinking about walking over to make kissing scene with her after the hit was put out on Maurizio.

Her remarks follow on from Gaga’s earlier this month when she appeared on a panel and talked about the scene for the first time. The fact that Ridley Scott permitted us to go there speaks much about his abilities as a filmmaker. When Salma and I were filming together, Salma said, “So, what happens when Maurizio dies?”

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