Sunday, December 4, 2022

Prince Charles has plans to improve the image of the Royal family

Future king Prince Charles became the longest-serving Prince of Wales of Royal family in 2017. Whereas, he has beated Edward VII’s previous record. He is likely to make some important changes to set the tone of his reign.

It has reported that the heir to the British throne will seek to cultivate a new image of the monarchy. He may renew his public appearance while adapting to the Queen’s absence.

There are several PR efforts underway. I think there will be two things that make him very popular.

Moreover, Prince Charles can bring major changes in the Royal family also after becoming head of state. He wanted to open the palaces and maybe not stay at Buckingham Palace to stay open year round.

Furthermore, he has many intentions and plans to weaken the monarchy. They should have done it years ago and it wasn’t his decision to do it, but when he did it was great.

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