Saturday, December 3, 2022

Dirilis: Ertugrul’s famous actor Ayberk Pekcan aka ‘Artuk Bey’ died at 51

The famous Turkish drama serial Dirilis: Ertugrul’s character ‘Artuk Bey’ has died after a long battle with cancer. His real name is Ayberk Pekcan and he will burry in his hometown of Mersin. He was not just an actor but also a former politician.

Ayberk Pekcan once said in a statement that, “I consulted a doctor because of a complaint of low back pain. The process that started with it today reached the point where I have lung cancer. The tumor has also spread. Unfortunately, the disease could not diagnose at an early stage. This is the first day of chemotherapy and my family and friends are helping me. I will do my best to restore my health.”

Ayberk aka ‘Artuk Bey’ has died at only 51 years old. His friends supported him in his constant struggle but unfortunately he could not survive. News of his death sent shockwaves through Turkey and his co-stars expressing their condolences.

The actors played the roles of “Bamsi” and “Artuk Bey” in the serial Ertugrul Ghazi had visited Pakistan last year. Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad also tweeted a photo with the two actors and proved that they are in Pakistan.

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