Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Prince Harry will never be able to return to his former Royals life

Prince Harry along with Andrew, William and Charles is a member of Royals and one of four Counsellors of States. Although his eligibility has called into doubt because he now resides in the United States.

His removal from his position as a Counsellor and by parliament will truly be the last nail in Harry’s coffin in terms of his prior existence. He was always a frontline member of the royal family.

According to reports, “if the Queen does take steps to have this problem rectified and Harry will fired, there will no turning back the clock on the matter. All of his judgments, the military titles, the HRHs in abeyance will overturn. Moreover, having parliament take official action to remove them from their positions as Counsellors of State is in an other league completely.”

Duke has stepped down from royal responsibilities two years ago. The Home Office already stated that it will not budge on Harry and Meghan’s need for police protection. Both may visit the UK in the near future.

The Duke of Sussex has taken legal action against the government over its decision to remove his police bodyguard. Prince Harry wants Royals protection from his residence at Kensington Palace.

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