Saturday, December 3, 2022

I’m not dating Kanye West for his money, says Julia Fox

People are rumouring that Julia Fox is dating with Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West only for his money only. Whereas, she amused because of all this attention but she honestly don’t care.

She stated in an interview, “The general consensus is that you’re only in it for the celebrity, prestige and money. Let’s be honest honey. I’ve been dating millionaires my whole adult life. Putting things into the world is all that matters to her. Everyone should watch my movie then read my book. That thrills me more than having anyone’s eyes on me right now.”

Fox also mentioned a recent dinner she had with Kanye West and a host of other celebs including Madonna.

She uploaded a video on her Instagram story showing her cuddling up to West. The flashbulbs of cameras capture Fox and West as they stroll side-by-side in a blurry photo. An earlier video of Fox and West sitting together on what appears to be their Los Angeles night out with Madonna. Read More…

Sources told that despite the fact that Julia Fox is dating Kanye West, he continues to insist to friends and family that he wants Kim Kardashian. The couple has divorced last year.

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