Monday, December 5, 2022

Royals are planning to deploy Kate Middleton to replace Prince Andrew

Senior authorities have apparently interested that the Kate Middleton will replace Prince Andrew on the post of colonel in the Grenadier Guards. If she will accept the job, Kate will become the regiment’s first female colonel in the 366-years history

A senior source in the Grenadier Guards said in a statement, “from straw polling across the ranks, they would all want it to be Kate. We have all impressed with how well she has integrated herself and behaved. Kate Middleton never appears to put a foot wrong and she can replace Prince Andrew in a better way.”

Andrew will no longer use his HRH title in any official capacity while he defends his ongoing civil case as a private citizen. Moreover, the Duke of York gave up his military titles and patronages last week.

A judge concluded that Prince Andrew’s pending civil sex assault case would not be dismissed. He has accused of sexual assault case by her former girlfriend. Whereas, his military affiliations including Colonel of the Grenadier Guards have restored to Her Majesty. Duke of York had 12 military affiliations in Royal duties which include Colonel of the Grenadier Guards also.

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