Friday, September 30, 2022

Legal Case of Prince Harry can disclose Royal Family’s security

It is possible that the judicial review of Prince Harry for his police protection may lead to the first public hearing of the Royal security details. In the past, information on Royal family’s security has kept under wraps by the police, the Home Office and the palace.

Home Office’s decision on the Royal’s security arrangements has challenged in court. After he stepped down from his royal duties in 2020, he no longer had access to taxpayer-funded police protection. Whereas, Prince claimed that he should be permitted to hire specialised force from the Metropolitan Police to guard his family.

The Duke has concerned that his family will unable to come because the private security in the US cannot provide the police protection in UK. Duke of Sussex Prince Harry said that he has prepared to fund the expense of Royal security. Moreover, He wants to return to his native country to guarantee that his family’s safety.

On the other hand, Government officials responded, “The protective security system in the UK is robust and proportional. “It is our longstanding policy not to disclose precise details on those agreements. This legal case might jeopardise their integrity and the safety of persons.”

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