Wednesday, December 7, 2022

PM Imran Khan praises on achieving 5.37pc GDP growth

Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked members of his government for obtaining a GDP growth of 5.37 percent in the previous year, which resulted in job creation and an increase in per capita income.

The prime minister on Twitter stated that his government has achieved a GDP growth of 5.37 percent in three years, resulting in significant job creation and an increase in per capita income for the people of Pakistan.

As a result of their economic changes, he claims that Pakistan has gained international recognition and that Bloomberg predicts that the country will maintain its high growth trajectory and employment levels in the future.

He went on to say that Pakistan has been listed among the top three countries in terms of normality index since the emergence of the Covid epidemic, demonstrating that the country has saved jobs and lives. He also pointed out that the Economist had recognized this in its most recent normalcy index.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar stated during a press conference held in Faisalabad yesterday that the country’s economy had grown at the second-fastest rate in the previous year, which had led to a US$200 increase in the per capita income of Pakistanis, bringing it to US$1666 in the previous year.

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He stated that wheat and potato output reached new highs last year, reaching 27.5 million tonnes and 5.9 million tonnes [despite a target of 4.3 million tonnes] correspondingly, compared to the previous year.

According to him, “large-scale manufacturing has experienced a phenomenal growth of one percent,” and he went on to say that the increase in demand for urea was also due to an increase in the use of the fertilizer during harvest.

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