Saturday, December 3, 2022

Nadia Khan’s response is very disappointing, says Sharmila Faruqui

PPP legislator Sharmila Faruqui harshly criticised TV programme host Nadia Khan on Thursday for her unethical behaviour against her mother. The leader accused Nadia of making fun of her mother by posting a video of her doing her cosmetics online.

Sharmila’s mother Anisa Khan is a humble woman and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry or politics. She claims she contacted the TV presenter after the video went viral and received a disappointing response. It’s shameless of Nadia to do this.

Sharmila cited Nadia as stating, “I haven’t asked anything wrong and I haven’t done anything wrong”. The PPP leader said that she intends to take TV personality Nadia Khan to court and bring a contempt action against her.

Moreover, PPP politician Sharmila Faruqui has filed a cybercrime complaint against Nadia Khan for insulting her mother Anisa’s makeup.

The FIA cybercrime cell received an application from PPP MP Sharmila Faruqui. As part of the lawsuit against Khan, Sharmila also shared a photo of herself in the FIA office.

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