Monday, December 5, 2022

Queen will not speak about Prince Harry’s legal case

Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace are not commenting on Prince Harry‘s legal case against United Kingdom’s Home Office. Duke of Sussex filed court challenge against government decision not to privately pay for his police protection in UK.

Harry and Meghan has no longer covered by taxpayer-funded police security in the UK becasue they stepped down from royal duties. Recently, the Duke first volunteered to pay personally for the security of the UK police for his family members. He is still prepared to bear the expense of security so that the British public will not burdened.

According to a legal lawyer, Harry and his family have unable to return to their home in the United Kingdom. It is too dangerous for them. Moreover, Duke and Duchess of Sussex hired a private security force to safeguard their family.

Despite their best efforts, the private security staff falls short of providing the same level of safety as UK’s police. There is no way for Harry and his family to return to Kensington Palace without adequate security.

Furthermore, The United Kingdom will always be home to Prince Harry, who cares deeply about the safety of his wife and children. After over two years of pleading for safety in the UK, Prince Harry is hopeful that his legal case will put an end to this scenario.

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