Friday, September 30, 2022

Scottish actor Brian Cox called Johnny Depp an overrated actor

Award winning actor Brian Cox has called out a number of celebrities who have annoyed him, including actor Johnny Depp. He called out numerous Hollywood celebrities for rubbing him the wrong way in his new memoir ‘Putting the Rabbit in the Hat’.

Cox turned down a role as the Governor in the ‘Pirates of the Carribbean‘ movie, which went to Jonathan Pryce. It was the most unappreciated in that picture. Brian Cox said, another issue with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is that film only focuses on Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Whereas, Depp is so exaggerated and overrated. He wouldn’t have able to enjoy all of the other beautiful things done.

According to the Golden Globe winner, Depp’s star power is waning but people love him. Alternatively, they may have had a crush on him. Of course, they don’t adore him as much as they used to.

During the 2002 production of ’25th Hour,’ Cox praised director Spike Lee for putting actor Ed Norton in his place. Because of his ambitions to be both a writer and a director, Ed Norton was in the film. That’s really fascinating indeed, he thought after reading Ed’s notes.

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