Friday, December 9, 2022

Sexual assault case is devastating blow for Prince Andrew and Royal family

The court of New York’s decision that ‘the sexual assault lawsuit against the Prince will continue’ is a devastating blow for Prince Andrew and the Royal family. If Prince Andrew fails to win an appeal against verdict, he will have to testify in a sex assault case. He will have to undergo cross-examination on areas of his personal life in order to clear his reputation.

The Duke of York’s reputation has harmed after pictured with Jeffrey Epstein in New York’s Central Park in 2010. In 2011, an image of Virginia Roberts with Andrew’s arm around her waist further tarnished his character.

According to Roberts, she had forced to have sex with the prince at Epstein’s New York house in 2015. Despite his impassioned denials, Andrew’s efforts to defend the accusations and avoid a legal battle have all failed.

Whether the Royals win or lose, this will go down in history as a watershed moment. To avoid this difficult situation, a settlement may be reach, but the international momentum of this issue makes it doubtful.

When it comes to the Queen’s support, the only formal evidence is her agreement to his stepping aside from his royal duty. Andrew’s mother still sees him on daily basis at Windsor Castle, so the personal relationship is definitely still in place.

In light of the harm being done by sexual assault case againt Prince Andrew to the monarchy, the Queen, Charles, and William may have to take action before the situation worsens. Perhaps Prince will step down from his role as a working royal and give up military postings and patronages.

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