Friday, December 2, 2022

Junaid Jamshaid wins Sunday Times’s best male model

You will be familiar with the stunning visage of Junaid Jamshaid if you have even a passing interest in the fashion sector in which he works.

The outcome has been a successful modelling career for Junaid Jamshaid, which is something that virtually every other male model aspires to achieve.

The term “success” is the key word here, as Junaid was just crowned best male model in a contest sponsored by the Sunday Times. Junaid took to social media to share his happiness at having achieved his goal.

Besides that, he maintains a low-key social media presence, which appears to be working in his favour at the moment because he is creating news for the correct reasons.

Junaid Jamshaid Niazi is currently starring in the army drama Sinf e Aahan, which is directed by Nadeem Baig, who is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s top drama directors. In the drama, he plays the role of Kamil and his portrayal of Kamil in the drama has been acclaimed by a large number of social media users and celebs

Something Haute recently conducted an interview with Junaid in which he stated that “Modeling is easier than acting, which is more tough. It is vital to adjust one’s behaviour to the feelings of the protagonist.”

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