Tuesday, August 16, 2022

In Murree, 22 tourists died of suffocation 

According to medical reports, the 22 tourists who died in the Murree as a result of suffocation and heart failure when stuck in their automobiles during a snowstorm.

It has been revealed that the victim died as a result of acute cold and suffocation, which resulted in heart failure, according to the medical reports.

As a result, “the tourists had turned on the heaters in their vehicles to keep warm,” according to the report. “However, because the silencers and other outlets were blocked because they were buried in snow, the gases that had accumulated within the vehicle could not find a way out, which resulted in suffocation and heart failure,” it continued.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed visited a family that had lost six members in the Murree disaster. Sheikh Rashid expressed his condolences to the family members and assured them that the government was at their side during this difficult time.

“It is a horrible situation for which we feel enormous regret,” he said. “We feel deep regret for what happened.”

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Usman Buzdar, the chief minister of Punjab, has appointed a seven-member committee to investigate the sad incident in Murree, which cost the lives of 22 people last week.

 He made the announcement while chairing a high-level meeting at Gharial in Murree on Sunday evening, according to Radio Pakistan. He said a committee headed by the additional chief secretary (Home) Punjab would submit its report in seven days (by January 17), according to the Radio Pakistan report.

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