Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid refused role in Ghajini for some reason

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid turned down a Bollywood blockbuster Ghajini because of its depiction of his negative role. Anchor recently spoke with him about how he felt the job provided to him was unimportant. Although, It could be performed by anyone and no matter where they lived.

“I keep getting offers but I keep turning them down. Things in Pakistan were “unreal” for him after he turned down several Bollywood offers. Bollywood didn’t require me to play a part that anyone in India could have played, therefore I turned it down”, Shaan said.

According to the actor, “I simply asked them one question, Why do you guys want someone from Pakistan to do this?”
Nobody will know you are Pakistani. Of course they will, I assured them. And it was the persona of a villain, one who deals in kid body parts and such. Then, after three or four days of arguing with Aamir, I used a Punjabi analogy to make my point: “If you are India’s Pehelwan (Heavyweight), I am Pakistan’s Pehelwan (Heavyweight) and I won’t give up for money”.

Moreover, A Pakistani should not be summoned to India to play a character like this. Tthey have outstanding actors, academies that are producing 300 to 400 actors every day.

Shaan Shahid also informed Aamir Khan about his offer in Ghajini, “If you truly want an actor from Pakistan, we have several that fulfil your role criteria.”

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