Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu shared stunning photos from her first ferry voyage

Harnaaz Sandhu got the title of the world’s most beautiful lady and now she is enjoying her first ferry voyage on her world tour. It is her innocence that draws people to her. Because of her lovely and gentle demeanour, the public finds Miss Universe to be a very likeable candidate.

Harnaaz Sandhu just posted a video of her first snowfall and a series of photos from her first ferry voyage on Instagram.

Most celebrities don’t think twice about boarding a boat across the Andaman Sea. This is the first time for Harnaaz Sandhu and she wants to save the experience forever. When a beauty queen keeps track of the firsts she has accomplished since becoming a household name.

In addition, the post is made even more endearing by the amusing captions that accompany the photos. “First boat journey and some great Thai cuisine @pinto nyc,” the post reads.

With her success in one of the most famous beauty pageants, Harnaaz Sandhu has set her sights on the big screen with her film, ‘Bai Ji Kuttange’.

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