Monday, August 15, 2022

Imran Khan Urges UN To Take Action Against India on Brutalization In Kashmir

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has insisted the international community, particularly the United Nations, take action against India’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Imran Khan also urged the international community to take action against India’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan.

In a series of tweets on the occasion of Right to Self Determination Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the Hindutva Modi government is flagrantly violating United Nations Security Council resolutions, international humanitarian law, and international conventions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, and committing war crimes by attempting to alter the status and demography of the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir
Imran Khan stated that the UN Security Council’s vow to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir under UN supervision has not been fulfilled.

He stated that Kashmiris have continued to reject and fight Indian occupation and oppression for more than a decade.

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With this statement, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to the legitimate Kashmiri struggle for self-determination.

Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control, as well as people throughout the world, are commemorating the International Day for the Exercise of the Right to Self-Determination today (Wednesday)

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On the 5th of January 1949, the United Nations Security Council voted a resolution supporting Kashmiris’ freedom to choose their own future through a plebiscite sponsored by the UN.

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