Sunday, October 2, 2022

More than 7,000 Children died from pneumonia in Sindh

According to the director-general of the provincial health department, a total of 7,462 children have died and 27,136 children under the age of five have been infected by the deadly pneumonia virus in Sindh.

“In 2021, more than 46 children over the age of five died from Pneumonia, and 8,534 people — including children and adults — were affected by the disease,” he stated.

The statement went on to say that “more than 60% of the cases were from rural areas, with the remaining instances coming from the province’s metropolitan areas.”

These figures show the number of children and people in general who have used government health facilities in the province.

According to the former president of the Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA), Professor Iqbal Memon, pneumonia is the leading cause of death among children in Pakistan.

Vaccinating children at the ages of 6, 10, and 14 months can, however, help to lower the risk of contracting the disease.

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Unfortunately, the majority of children do not receive vaccinations, according to him.

Dr. Khalid Shafi, another prominent member of the PPA, stated that the reported number of deaths only includes those who have received treatment at health facilities of government.

The minister went on to say that there is a lot of private health facilities, where most of the children receive treatment, and that roughly 90 thousand children die each year in Pakistan as a result of the virus.

“We have asked parents to administer the Pneumonia (Pneumococcal) vaccination to their children at the appropriate period,” the department said, adding that the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) coverage in Sindh must be boosted in order to prevent the situation from worsening further.

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