Friday, January 27, 2023

iPhone 14 Pro May Have 8GB RAM

iPhones, when compared to Android phones, have less RAM than Android phones. Even while it is true that the iPhone 13 Pro series has 6GB of RAM, this is the most RAM Apple has ever included in an iPhone to date. However, this has anticipated to change with the iPhone 14 Pro series, which has expected to have 8GB of RAM.

This is according to a report that Apple may equip the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with 8GB of RAM. To put it plainly, Apple could keep the 4GB of RAM present in the iPhone 13, or they could bump it to 6GB. So that it matches that found in the iPhone 13 Pro, which is currently on sale.

When it comes to Android phones, 8GB of RAM is still a little amount of memory when compared to many of which are now packing as much as 12GB of memory. Although it is true that Apple controls the hardware and software of its iPhones. This does not mean that even though it comes with 8GB of RAM, it will be a problem. Because the company will have optimized its software around it, and developers will also required to work within these “limitations.”

As a result of the iPad Pro upgrade earlier this year, Apple increased the amount of RAM to 16GB. And we’re not sure why the iPhone isn’t receiving the same treatment. In any case, we’ll have more information in 2022, so check back with us then for any further developments.

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