Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Parents prayers found a spouse like Hareem Shah: Bilal Shah

Bilal Shah, Hareem Shah’s husband, says he found a spouse like Hareem Shah as a result of his parents’ prayers.

Hareem Shah, Pakistan’s most controversial talk show host, has given her first interview to her spouse Bilal Shah, in which she describes her husband and claims he is Bilal Shah’s son. What impresses you? Bilal Shah also praised Hareem Shah.

“I thank God that Allah Almighty provided me a very good life mate,” Bilal Shah said recently. Hareem is a sweet, truthful girl. My parents’ prayers only brought me such a wonderful life mate. I praise Allah Almighty.

Her husband is from Mansehra but lives in Karachi. Hareem and Bilal Shah liked marriage and their parents. Bilal said that we have a low plus orange marriage.

Bilal stated he and his wife have been married for several months but they did not meet or communicate on the phone before the wedding. That was our original plan.

Hareem Shah describes her spouse as a good, cute, innocent, serious person who executes his job. Hareem stated she didn’t like boys who smoked and did drugs, and Bilal didn’t do any of those things. Hareem Shah claimed her husband’s personality was fine.

During the interview, Bilal Shah stated that he had released Hareem Shah of all limitations. Hareem Shah has never made me bow. They have never let me down since I married Hareem.

Hareem Shah married in Karachi. I didn’t want to show off, I didn’t want to be flashy, said Hareem.

Bilal Shah said he likes two kids, whereas Hareem says she likes kids a lot. A entire cricket team is needed. The TikTok actor revealed she’d name her kids Muslim.

Bilal Shah claimed Hareem Shah is foolish and trusts everyone instantly, therefore I explain that they do not trust everyone instantly.

The host asked Hareem Shah a few months ago if she was married to a politician. In response, Hareem Shah stated that Bilal Shah is also deeply involved in politics. I urged him to tease people and hold job fairs when I stated my spouse is a minister.

Full Interview:

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