Friday, December 9, 2022

Researchers Discover Hackable Walk-Through Metal Detectors

You know those metal detectors that you have to walk through when you’re going through security at the airport? The majority of the time, they perform almost exactly as described. In reality, many of them are really effective and can pick up a wide variety of metallic objects from your pockets. Such as loose cash and other valuables.
The problem is that it appears like these metal detectors may hackable, which implies that they could hacked. And adjusted such that they would not go off if someone was carrying metal in their pockets. This is according to the findings of researchers at Cisco Talos. who determined that the iC module used in Garrett’s metal detectors may really hackable, resulting in the detectors rendered inoperable.

This module serves as a control centre for the detector’s human operator, who can access it via a web browser. The person can control the detector from a distance using a laptop or any other type of interface, as well as perform real-time monitoring and diagnostics.

An attacker may use this module to remotely monitor statistics on the metal detector. Such as if an alert has activated and how many people have passed through it, according to the research team. In addition, they might make configuration changes to a device, such as changing the sensitivity level. It could constitute a security risk to consumers who rely on these metal detectors.”

The good news is that for individuals who own and use Garrett metal detectors, a firmware upgrade of the iC module should be sufficient to resolve the issue. Garrett was notified of the problem by the researchers in August. And the manufacturer responded by delivering a remedy in December.

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