Saturday, February 4, 2023

Private bank pays over Rs3.73m to woman entrepreneur : President Alvi

In response to female entrepreneur request, President Dr. Arif Alvi instructed a private bank to pay her approximately Rs. 3.73 million in LTLD and report to the Banking Mohtasib within 60 days.

To the Authorized Dealer, United Bank Limited’s SIE Branch, Sialkot, the complainant, Mrs. Shabnum Asif, had filed LTLD cases totaling Rs. 1.8 million in January, June, and September 2018.

No one from UBL or SBP informed Mrs. Asif of any discrepancy regarding her outstanding cases. On February 17, 2018, she was informed of 7 missing case files. The bank told her that the cases were “time-barred” and encouraged her to resubmit, but the SBP refused.
Mrs. Asif asked the bank for the whole amount of their refund, i.e. Rs. 3.73 million + Rs. 1.86 million.

The Banking Mohtasib was notified of the occurrence and decided that since the bank had contacted the appropriate authorities, no further action was required. Angry, she complained to the President.

According to President Dr. Arif Alvi, the complaint had followed the required protocol for submitting LTLD claims, and the bank had confirmed receiving the case files on time, albeit some were lost subsequently. The bank indicated in a letter dated July 16, 2020 that the client submitted LTLD cases to the SBP via the Trade Processing Centre (TPC).

The President was dissatisfied that the bank had made verbal promises to fix the problem but not provided written assurances.

The President ruled that the bank’s inefficiency and negligence amounted to maladministration and ordered the bank to promptly reimburse him in full and report to the Ombudsman

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