Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A 66 million year old dinosaur embryo was hatching like a bird

According to the Discovery Channel, scientists have discovered a wonderfully preserved dinosaur embryo that goes back at least 66 million years and was on the verge of hatching from its egg like a chicken.

It was named ‘Baby Yingliang’ after the toothless theropod dinosaur, also known as an oviraptorosaur, whose fossil was unearthed in Ganzhou, southern China, and was later determined to be a theropod dinosaur, also known as an oviraptorosaur.

According to Fion Waisum Ma of the University of Birmingham, who co-authored a research published in the journal iScience, the dinosaur embryo is “one of the best dinosaur embryos ever recovered in history.” “It is one of the best dinosaur embryos ever recovered in the history of the world,” she said of the discovery.

It is believed that Baby Yingliang’s head was positioned below its body with its feet on either side and its back curled, a posture that had never been observed before in dinosaurs but that was comparable to that of contemporary birds, as discovered by Ma and colleagues.

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